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    • Talents Corner

      We appreciate that each child has a unique talent(s). we provide almost uninhibited opportunities for the child to explore these talents. a few among these approaches are the medical corner, cookery corner, market corner, construction corner, presenters podium among many more.

      • ”Market


        We appreciate that children have in-born selling skills and analytical skills. this corner nurtures the child’s ability to sell, trade and develop their talent to become future Stock market analysts, Movers and shakers in the stock market and high profile traders.

      • ”IT


        BV5B5121.jpg1Isn’t it amazing how much a 3 year old can do with your i-phone or i-pad or android mobile phone?

        How do they do it?

        How do they change all those settings, screensaver and even take photos?

        That’s the power of letting a child be.  we let the child handle the most sophisticated gadgets so as to give them confidence as IT Whiz kids.

        The IT Fun Lab nurtures the child ability to use computers and apply the use in ordinary day to day life activities.

        This ability is further reinforced by the fact that teaches use computer assisted learning regularly in delivering concepts in class. the child is thus exposed to ‘State of the art presentation skills and will eventually learn how to make programs like power point as part of an ordinary presentation including ‘story telling time’!




      • ”Construction


        future contractors-small
















        This is future Construction engineers and architects in the making. at this corner, children get to explore what they houses they live in are all about. Safety in construction and the houses we live in (including basic things like sunlight and ventilation). All this is explained at the child’s level of understanding.

      • ”Cookery


        All the snacks that our children love, are more enjoyable if they have an idea of how they are made. Children try their hands at preparing various dishes under the watchful guidance of teachers. Future Chefs, food scientists and nutritionists get a feel of these careers.

      • ”Medical


        Nurturing of professions is key and here we discover future medics and paramedics. They learn basic tips about  good health, hygiene, self-care and a balanced diet among other physiological issues.


      Other Modes of Nurturing Talents:


      Where does our food come from? Isn’t it interesting how some children who grow up in urban areas do not know how certain foods are grown? This Farmer’s and Environment day, which comes once a week, exposes the child to observing how various crops are grown and taken care of up to harvesting time. They get to appreciate the value of the food they eat!


      Effective communication skills are key to raising successful entrepreneurs and leaders. In addition to communication skills, the presenters’ podium is a forum for the child to discover their negotiation skills, debate skills and persuasive skills, among others, as they engage fellow pupils and teachers in specially tailored games for nurturing these skills. The child addresses an audience nurturing their confidence in public speaking.

      Other talents which are nurtured include swimming (private swimming facility for the school), art and design, basketry and weaving among others.